$162k swiped by investor in Laguna Niguel

An investor in Laguna Niguel swiped a property with $162 thousand dollars in equity built in. 

It appears he only paid one penny over the opening bid price to walk away with a pocket full of cash.  The reason he probably got away with this when there were other investors at auction is because most investors use foreclosure tracking software that only updates once daily (if that often) but more likely weekly.

This property in Laguna Niguel slipped into the auction properties list at the last minute.  That being the case, it wouldn't be updated until next week for most investors.  Obviously that doesn't give them any time to research the property because by then, it's already sold.  Our list of hot properties is updated about every SEVEN MINUTES.  So if you're watching for a particular area and something pops up on the auction list at the last minute, you'll have the opportunity to drive by, check it out and be the only one in the know like this investor who swiped this property.


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